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Pizza & A Drink Deals at Charles Street Tap Brighton

From Β£12.50

You don't have to dish out the dough to get this dough πŸ•

Join the upper crust and take on your fave cheesy breezy pizza in Brighton, sip on a tasty tipple to top it off and get your hands on both without even coming close to breaking that bank.

With this offer available all day, every day, who could say no?

So grab your pizza pals and book your table now.

Pizza and drinks

🌟 New Dippers 🌟

Those crusts are made for dunkin', so get yourself our new dips...

Garlic & Herb πŸ§„ 🌿

Easy Livin’ bbq sauce* πŸ–

Inferno hot sauce πŸ”₯

Hot honey buffalo 🍯 🌢️

View our menu to find out how you can add extras and take that pizza to a whole new level at Charles Street Tap Brighton.

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